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Roseville Pottery, Pinecone, Deep Blue Tall 12" Vase, Great Form, Crisp Mold

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Roseville Pottery, Pinecone, Deep Blue Tall 12


For sale is a very large vase made by The Roseville Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The pattern is "Pinecone" and it is done in their most popular blue background glaze. This pattern and color is one of Roseville's most desirable to collect. The vase is quite large as it stands 12 7/8" tall and is approximately 7 3/4" in diameter at the bottom bulge.

The vase depicts very realistic handles in the form of branches joined to a Pinecone with green needles protruding from the cone. It is accented with 2 applied handles in the form of a branch to give this piece that realistic appeal. The glaze colors are rich and very pleasing. The background underneath the Pinecone is a light cream color surrounded by a bright royal blue. The pine cones display a warm cocoa brown glaze. The pine needles that protrude from the pine cone is done in a sage green glaze.

Frank Ferrell's was the artist that created this pattern for Roseville. This was the most popular design that he ever created while working at The Roseville Pottery Company. In fact, the company would have had to close it doors if it wasn't for the success of this line. The Pinecone line was considered the most popular line ever made at Roseville Pottery and that is still evident today. There are 4 colors that Pinecone was made and they are blue, brown, and green and pink. Pink commands the highest price and is rarely seen. Blue commands the next highest price with brown not too far behind.

This vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The inside shows minor use as you can see. The vase is signed with Roseville's incised mark that reads "Roseville 712-12 for the shape or mold number. There is also the number 358 written in a pencil and it appears to be crossed out. There is also the letter "D" written in blue glaze and was more than likely the finishers initial.

This is a quality large piece of art pottery in one of Roseville most desired pattern and I'm quite sure that this will enhance any art pottery collection, especially those of you who collect Roseville Blue Pinecone. This vase was made circa 1935-1940.


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