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Teco Pottery, Matte Green Large Tapered Swollen Form, Arts & Crafts, Very Nice

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Teco Pottery, Matte Green Large Tapered Swollen Form, Arts & Crafts, Very Nice


For sale is a wonderful piece of art pottery made by The Terra Cotta Tile Company (TECO) of Terra Cotta, Illinois which was near Chicago. I have a beautiful matte green tapered shoulder vase. This vase has some size to it as it stands about 8 11/16" tall and is 4 5/8" in diameter at its widest point. The top opening is 2 3/4" in diameter inside measurements.

This vase has that classical Greek shape of a swollen tapered shoulder form with a fairly small opening in the top to receive flowers. This vase displays a deep matte green glaze that Teco Pottery was so well known for. Their matte green glaze is a deep green with char coaling in the green glaze that is as unique as the Pottery Company itself. This vase was designed by the founder "W.D. Gates". This vase has a very pleasing form and is considered to be one of the most popular shapes collected by Teco Pottery collectors.

The vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There is the tiniest shallow glaze flake on the underside bottom ring and is considered insignificant. This piece is signed twice on the bottom with Teco's infamous "T" with the "eco" underneath the right side of the T. This form also has the indented ring where this mark lies. This is the sign of an original Teco vase as the fakes do not have this same bottom. The exterior bottom underside edge is smooth and has some glazing.

Teco exemplifies pottery of the "Prairie School" Arts and Crafts movement of which Frank Lloyd Wright made so popular. In 1886 the Gates Pottery was established as a subsidiary with William D. Gates as its president. Gates used the facilities to experiment with clays and glazes in an effort to design a line of Art Pottery which led to the introduction of Teco Pottery (TErra COtta) in 1902. This is a quality piece of art pottery made by one of the Arts and Crafts movement most important Potters. Teco competed heavily against Grueby and Fulper for this once flourishing market.

This is a rather hard to find shape as the collectors don't let these go. This piece of Teco is known as shape #B-60 in the Teco Catalog Pages. There were 4 sizes to this shape with this one being the 2nd smallest and D-60 being the largest. This piece of Teco is considered early as it was made circa 1902-1910. It sold for $3.00 express prepaid in their 1905 Catalog.


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