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vintage modern studio furniture - george nakashima cabinet
Buying George Nakashima

0 Items found for Glass
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Duffner & Kimberly Louis 15th Leaded Glass Lamp$19,500Lamps and Art Glass 
Angel Drapery Leaded Stained Glass Window$17,500Lamps and Art Glass 
Duffner & Kimberly Colonial Leaded Glass Lamp$13,500Lamps and Art Glass 
91-Unique Art Glass Co Leaded Lamp$12,900Antique Vintage Lamps 
Tiffany Favrile Oil Lamp Lighting Shade, Ribbed Gold Iridescent Wave Pattern$8,500Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Wisteria Leaded Glass Window$7,500Lamps and Art Glass 
Art Nouveau Leaded Art Glass Chandelier$7,500Lamps and Art Glass 
Tiffany Studios, Double Arm Student Lamp w Quezal Blue Hooked Feather Shades~~~$5,900Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Hammered Arts & Crafts Chandelier w 5 Quezal Green Feather Pull Art Glass Shades, Gustav Stickley, Handel and Roycroft Era$4,950Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Unique Floral Trellis Leaded Glass Lamp$4,450Lamps and Art Glass 
Duffner & Kimberly Leaded Glass Theme Lamp$4,250Lamps and Art Glass 
Early Tiffany Favrile Decorated Art Glass Vase, Art Nouveau, Pulled Feathers$4,000Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Kathleen Orme, White Cut to Red Cameo Vase, Floral Basket, Outstanding~~~$3,500Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Loetz, Cytisus Metallic Yellow Thumbprint Vase, Excellent Execution, Quite Rare~~~$3,195Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Wilkinson Leaded Glass Lamp, 18" Ribbon Pattern w 3 Light Original Base. Tiffany Era~~~$2,950Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
LCT Tiffany Favrile, Tall Gold Poppy Flower Form Vase, Wonderful Iridescence$2,695Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
LCT Tiffany Favrile Enameled Bud Vase w Gold Floriform Insert, Tall, Stunning~~~$2,495Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Quezal, Flower Floriform Vase, Green Pulled Feather, Zipper Foot, Nice$2,495Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Tiffany Studios, Chinese Pattern Large Picture Frame, Aged Gold Acid EtchedSoldClements Antiques of New Hampshire 
R Lalique, Druide or Gui de Chene Vase, Blue Staining, Nice Form, Great Detail$2,395Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Tiffany Studios, Bookmark, Rare Acid Etched Green Poly Chrome Bookends, Nice~~$2,295Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Steuben, Extra Large Lilac Cluthra Vase, Impressive Size, Frederick Carder, Nice$2,295Clements Antiques of New Hampshire
Aurora Arts & Crafts Leaded Glass Bookcase$2,135Black River Mission 
Steuben, Acid Cut Back Flowering Peonies, Great Detail, Nicely Executed$1,995Clements Antiques of New Hampshire
Steuben, Gold Aurene Magnum Size Vase, Wonderful Gold Iridescence~~~$1,975Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Tiffany Studios, Pine Needle Postage Scale, Green Glass, Patina, Nice$1,895Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Durand Art Glass, Blue King Tut Vase, Quite Beautiful, ExcellentSoldClements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Tiffany Experimental Cabinet Vase, Blue Favrile Pinched Ribbed Shoulder Vase$1,595Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Durand Art Glass, Tall King Tut Coil Vase, White on Blue Iridescence, Nice$1,495Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Arts and Crafts Stained Glass Lamp$1,450Eastwood Gallery 
Loetz, Gold Candia Silberiris Silver Overlay Vase, Very Nice~~~$1,395Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Oak and Art Glass Porthole Table Lamp$1,300Ragsdale Home Furnishings 
Original Tiffany Gold Favrile Tulip Lighting Shade, Great Form, Very Nice~~~$1,295Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Pallme Konig, Loetz, Candle Lamp, Oil Spot, Mottled Gold & Green, Extremely Rare$1,295Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Tiffany Studios, Grapevine, Small Desk Calendar, Green Glass, Patina, Complete Pages$1,295Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
LCT Tiffany, Pastel Yellow Opalescent Footed Stemmed Flower Form Vase, Nice~~~$1,195Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Phoenix Glass, Victorian, Satin MOP Raindrops Large Bottle Vase, Quite Rare~~~$1,195Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Tiffany Blue Favrile, Queen Pattern Large Bowl, Experimental, Nice Iridescence$1,195Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Durand Art Glass, Peacock Feathering on Ruby Red & Clear Base, Nice Vase$1,195Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Kew Blas Art Glass Flower Form Vase, Tall Gold Trumpet Shaped, Tiffany Era, Nice$1,195Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Tiffany Blue Favrile, Charger or Low Center Piece Bowl, Wonderful Iridescence~~$1,100Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Durand Art Glass, Green King Tut Lamp Base Blank, Tall Vase, Stunning~~~$1,100Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Magnolia & Iris Stained and Leaded Glass Window, Tiffany Studios Inspired, Nice$1,075Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
R Lalique, Chicoree Opalescent Bowl, Excellent Condition, Elegant Pattern~~~$995Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 
Durand Art Glass, Pulled Feather, Spider Webbing Tapered Shoulder Vase, Nice$995Clements Antiques of New Hampshire 



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